Rowan Talaith Glynnis
Year (1997-98)
Trainer and Sergeant for DA
Date of Birth
2 May 1982
Place of Birth
Date of Death
2 May 1998
Medium Brown

Love Interests
Victoria Frobisher, girlfriend

Rowan is a fifth year Hufflepuff during Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness. Rowan cut her hair off at the age of four, and even when her mum grew it back she cut it off again. When her mum took all the sharp objects she tried to use a candle. She ended up in St. Mungo's for three weeks and her mum let her keep her hair short. When she was younger she wanted to grow up and marry Gwenog Jones. Later, she wanted to be like Gwenog Jones (or the first woman dragon wrangler).

Rowan was the girl's trainer and a Sergeant of Hufflepuff in DA. She was dating Vicky Frobisher, who had asked her out one day after training. She was good mates with fellow trainer Fritz Bagman.

Rowan died in the Battle of Hogwarts. Rowan, knowing Ginny was brilliantly offensively but weak defensively, came to be a shield for Ginny (who was guarding Sally-Anne's fallen body). She told Ginny not to worry about her to just take out the enemy. The two of them held the spot for two hours, and it wasn't until the ceasefire, when Ginny turned around to thank Rowan that she realised "how much had been entailed in protecting someone who so mny wanted so badly to kill for so many reasons, from simple tactiacl ones to her family to her blood-status to the Department of Mysteries to being someone who mattered to Harry Potter."

Rowan didn't just use magic to defend Ginny she also used her body. She was a battered to a bloody pulp, but somehow was still standing, but at the ceasefire she collapsed. Ginny apparated Rowan to the Great Hall (the second time Ginny had ever apparated) but it was too late. The official autopsy read "Massive Multi-Systemic Trauma and Spell Damage resultant in catastrophic shock and blood loss." Her death certificate read "Courage above and beyond".