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The senior staff of DA

Dumbledore's Army, or DA, was originally a group of Hogwarts students, in 1995, studying Defence Against the Dark Arts because the Ministry was preventing them from learning proper defence, making Dolores Umbridge their professor for DADA class. So Hermione Granger had the idea of starting a group to learn defence. Harry Potter became their leader and taught the DA throughout the year, their meetings being held in the Room of Requirement.

They stopped having meeting in 1996, as they had a better DADA professor (Professor Snape), though Luna Lovegood remarked that she wished they had continued their meetings.

In the school year of 1997-1998 DA reformed as a resistance group against Snape and the Carrows (Voldemort was controlling Hogwarts). Neville was made leader and eventually Neville made lieutenants for each house (except Slytherin). Each lieutenant had a second lieutenant. There were also sergeants in every house. They fought in the Battle of Hogwarts.

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